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A: 2 words – Designer and Developer. My websites don’t just look good – they’re developed with your ideal client in mind, making it easy to navigate and book with you. Engaging, strategic & laser-focused on your brand’s objectives, they’re designed to demand attention and stand the fuck out.

A: Maintaining your online headquarters is crucial. My support doesn’t end when your project’s done; I offer ongoing website maintenance plans or 1:1 training if that’s more your style.

A: I stick to what I’m skilled at – brand and website design.  But I do have a list of copywriters that I’ve worked with and loved.  Let me know you’re looking for a website copywriter during our debrief and I’ll help you pick one that aligns with your brand aesthetic & goals.

A: Look we get it, you blew the budget on the company jet and now you’re a little stretched. Your secret is safe with us. We work with entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, offering payment plans across all of our services so you can rest assured we will find a plan that suits you and your budget.


I’m Eimear, your personal secret weapon in branding & website design

Slightly OCD when it comes to aesthetics, tragically obsessed with Love Island & lives for stupid little walks for my stupid mental health

Ex-creative agency co-owner and digital marketing workshopper, working with service providers, beauty, wellness, aesthetics & fitness girlies is my actual not-so-secret mission.

Off the record, if you’re a woman in business marketing to a female audience, you need a female brand & website designer who understands your market and your clients. Who sees your vision, raises you a seamless customer journey and gives your business motherfucking LIFE. 

P.S. Boys just. don’t. get it – and yes, I’ll die on this hill


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